About the site:

I made the site to practice my coding and Japanese (Even if all my stories are Chinese right now)/English. You’ll see changes come and go. If any one thing in particular strikes you, let me know. If you have suggestions, let me know. I’ll update until I lose interest but I’ll keep the site up as an e-portfolio.

About the translations:

I'm not a professional translator; these are just my interepretations. I have no qualms editing the content as I work, so be aware that these won’t be literal. I don’t do literal. I translate to make a better reading experience for myself, done according to my own personal standards and preferences. This means I will condense adjective filled repetition, reposition paragraphs for topical cohesion, and add in lines to connect one paragraph to another if the break is confusing without a modifier. These changes may be unnecessary in the original language, but it is in my American English.

With that in mind, PLEASE DO NOT use my translations to translate into another language. Use the unadulterated version in the original language. You know how the telephone game goes. Just don’t do it. Use the raws. I also encourage you to make your own translations in English as well. Something not understandable in my version (a wording, a phrase, an omission) may become understandable in someone else’s.

Some people have the skill to churn out translations easily. I don’t. It requires a lot of effort on my part to ensure my translations are true to the spirit of the original and that there aren’t any nonsensical or ambiguous parts. I’m proud of my work, but I’m not so prideful that I would refuse corrections. I will surely make mistakes. When I do, point them out to me kindly. For those that go that extra mile: Thank you.

If you want to post my work somewhere else, (aggregator sites, Wattpad, Blogger, whatever.) it’s fine. Just follow the Creative Commons Licensing parameters at the bottom of each translation. [如果您是版权所有者或法律指定代表,希望您的版权作品被删除,请向我的域名托管服务商发送DMCA请求。 他们会联系我。] // [あなたが著作権者または法的に指定された代理人で、著作権で保護された作品を削除したい場合は、ドメインホストにDMCAリクエストを送信してください。 彼らは私に連絡します。]

Thanks, have a safe day.

PS. I don’t have a dedicated editor or proofreader. Occassionally someone will offer to help with a chapter or two, but for the most part it’s just me, so obviously the chapters won’t be polished. I’m most interested in the translation, so editing is my primary concern while proofing is only secondary. I’ll try to go back and correct as I find errors or when others point it out to me. I won’t bother with proofing a translation too much until I finish it. So if you are anal about grammar, then maybe wait until the story is complete.

Style guide of choice: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

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