About the site:

It started off with me wanting to share and give back, but when it comes down to it, the site is just a way for me to motivate myself to learn new things. It started out with translating, then it became coding, then it turned into writing, and now my latest is audio stuff. It's pretty random and I'm liking it.

About the translations:

I translate to make a better reading experience for myself, done according to my own personal standards and preferences. It requires a lot of effort on my part to ensure that my translations stay true to the spirit of the original, and that there aren’t any nonsensical or ambiguous parts.

This means I will condense adjective filled repetition, reposition paragraphs for topical cohesion, and add in lines to connect one paragraph to another, should the break be confusing without a modifier. These changes may be unnecessary in the original language, but it is in my American English.

So, if you want to use my translations to translate into another language, bear that in mind. You won't be translating what the author is writing per say; you'll be translating my interpretation of the story, so it may or may not be what the author intended. Because of this, I strongly recommend using the original unadulaterated version. But if you're going to use this one, then add the below information to your translation.

Author: [author]
Title: [title]
Publication site: [publication site]
Based on the English translation by: otwentyfirst @ www.justreads.net

Unless contracts were signed stating otherwise, please understand that a translation is a derivative work and that all copyrights still belong their respective copyright owner(s), usually the author or the publisher.

// Style guide of choice: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

// 如果您是版权所有者或法律指定代表,希望您的版权作品被删除,请向我的域名托管服务商发送DMCA请求。 他们会联系我。

// あなたが著作権者または法的に指定された代理人で、著作権で保護された作品を削除したい場合は、ドメインホストにDMCAリクエストを送信してください。 彼らは私に連絡します。


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