Current: I'm building my patreon up a little this year so there are a few goals and tier specific rewards. Basically tier 5 includes extra chapters for holidays and tier 10 includes access to drafts in progress. You keep the benefits even if you cancel of switch tiers. Just remember to save the link or username/password combination.

Old campaigns
OASNG May 2019

May 5, 2019 Update:

[Fundraiser/Commission CLOSED EARLY]

I wanted the Instant Pot to bring to work and cook with the guys but lately everyone's got special dietary restrictions. One’s only eating vegan/raw, another’s only eating keto, and one’s only eating organic, farm raised-whole-natural-I-don’t-know-what-this-diet-is-called diet. So me and my fermented sausage high carb buy whatever is on clearance and cook it up ways isn't working out. Never mind cooking dinner together, we haven’t eaten together in weeks. =( So the Instant Pot… ah the Instant Pot… is but a faded dream. Lol.

In light of that I’m cutting the fundraiser commission short. Considering I only raised $20, there really wasn't any interest in it. Besides it’s so beautiful outside. I want to play outdoors and practice my photography instead of trying to build up chapters for release. Maybe I can even get some camping in before the ticks come out in full force. Plus another translation I'm working on was giving me heartache, so I'm going to just take this as a hint to go outside and breathe some fresh air. Maybe even get some inspiration for my own novels and fanfic. But I feel bad taking money and not giving something back so I’m going to pretend we reached the 1st goal and just give you guys some of the chapters I saved up for it. Ya'll can thank Danwoo for them.

Funds breakdown: ($10 from Paypal + $10 from Patreon) - ($0.59 Paypal fee + $1.05 Patreon platform fee) = $18.36 cleared.

Content breakdown for May: (4 regular weekly chapters + 4 Bonus chapters and one audio teaser from the fundraiser) = 8 chapters total + 1 audio.
[OASNG] Fundraiser Commission Drive

Alright World, I’m hankering for an Instant Pot. Plus, it would be great if this site paid for itself, so why not do a drive?

ko-fi patreon

Click the icons above if you’re interested in donating and getting some extra chapters as a thank you. PayPal is the easiest but there's Ko-fi and Patreon**(please see notes at the bottom) available as well. I figure the wider the platforms, the better my odds are of meeting my goals. All posts will be made on this site, so although I have Patreon and Ko-fi on here, I won’t be posting any content on either of those platforms. It’s a pooled drive with rewards given to everyone that reads [OASNG]. Runs from [now – May 30, 2019].

Basically there are three goal markers:

1st goal = $300
Covers initial site set up costs
// Reward Commission = 4 chapters of [OASNG] and an extra 5th audio teaser the first week of June 2019.

2nd goal = $450
Covers site costs and an Instant Pot.
// Reward Commission = 3 chapters of [OASNG] a week for all of June 2019

3rd goal = $600
Covers site costs with enough left over to get an Instant Pot and a boatload of accessories for it.
// Reward Commission = a chapter of [OASNG] every other day for all of June 2019

**Note about Patreon**

It's not really meant as a one-time donation platform so to make it work requires a two-step process:
1. You'll have to sign up for a tier, or make one up yourself.
2. Cancel the membership and be charged instantly for it.

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Thanks to those who donated before.
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