[OASNG] Fundraiser Commission Drive
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last updated: Apr 21

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Alright World, I’m hankering for an Instant Pot. Plus, it would be great if this site paid for itself, so why not do a drive?

Click the icons above if you’re interested in donating and getting some extra chapters as a thank you. PayPal is the easiest but there's Ko-fi and Patreon**(please see notes at the bottom) available as well. I figure the wider the platforms, the better my odds are of meeting my goals. All posts will be made on this site, so although I have Patreon and Ko-fi on here, I won’t be posting any content on either of those platforms. It’s a pooled drive with rewards given to everyone that reads [OASNG]. Runs from [now – May 30, 2019]

Basically there are three goal markers:

1st goal = $300
Covers initial site set up costs
// Reward Commission = 4 chapters of [OASNG] and an extra 5th audio teaser the first week of June 2019.

2nd goal = $450
Covers site costs and an Instant Pot.
// Reward Commission = 3 chapters of [OASNG] a week for all of June 2019

3rd goal = $600
Covers site costs with enough left over to get an Instant Pot and a boatload of accessories for it.
// Reward Commission = a chapter of [OASNG] every other day for all of June 2019

**Note about Patreon**

It's not really meant as a one-time donation platform so to make it work requires a two-step process:
1. You'll have to sign up for a tier, or make one up yourself.
2. Cancel the membership and be charged instantly for it.

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