200: Mother is a Crybaby

200: Mother is a Crybaby

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[February 5, 2021]

He didn’t think she could make him any angrier but he was wrong. He’d underestimated her ability. She went off and returned home pregnant. A fourteen-year-old girl, pregnant!

That wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was her refusal to say who the father was! He repeatedly asked her what had happened but she refused to say.

Grandfather Feng felt his unaccomplished granddaughter had to have fallen victim to someone’s schemes. This granddaughter of his, on her own, no way would she have the guts to have intimate relations with a man. Not without being married first!

But even if it she was the victim, she was too capricious. It was her leaving home the way she did that gave outsiders an opportunity to harm her.

Ay! He got angry every time he thought about it. How did his Feng house give birth to such a stupid granddaughter?!

Madam Lan held onto Feng Wu’s hand. “Don’t worry Father, Feng Wu knows her wrongs. She will be obedient in the future,” she said, trying to soothe her father-in-law. Why couldn’t this child admit her mistake? Her stubbornness was going to make Father-in-law angrier.

“Xiao Wu, quickly tell Grandfather you were wrong.” Madam Lan feared her father-in-law would kick Feng Wu out again. She tugged at Feng Wu, her anxious eyes filled with tears.

“I was wrong.” Feng Wu didn’t know how she was wrong, but she wasn’t afraid to admit it if her confession would keep this pretty lady from crying.

Master said crying was no good. It made people weak. That’s why she didn’t cry. This lady by her side had to be very weak.

Feng Wu thought admitting it would keep the lady from crying. She didn’t expect the lady would cry even more! Didn’t she say what the lady wanted? Why was the lady crying?

“Xiao Wu, you must have suffered greatly. You must not have eaten or slept well. And you had to take care of your baby by yourself. These last few months, even your temperament has changed…” When did Xiao Wu ever admit her mistakes so easily? Madam Lan knew perfectly well how stubborn her daughter was. That stubborn attitude was the cause of most of her troubles.

It took so much hardship to change her attitude. Poor Xiao Wu! Don’t worry Mother will definitely protect you!

Madam Lan’s wails filled the hall. Grandfather caught Hang’s[notes] eyes. The message was clear. Stop your wife from crying so much! Crying women vexed him to no end.

Not eat well? Not sleep well? Feng Wu considered it. She had delicious meat buns and barbeques every day. As for sleeping, the bed in her dorm was nice and soft. Although the bed in Tian Yue’s house was firmer, it was still comfortable. She didn’t feel like she had suffered.

“I’m not bitter. I eat meat buns and roasted chicken. The bed is also soft.” After thinking about it she added, “Little White helps with Little Bun. It’s not hard.”

“Wuu…. You used to only eat magical beast meat. You refused to eat any other kinds of meat, now you’re eating meat buns and chicken? Wuu…. My poor child!”

Madam Lan was excellent at crying.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to do. Master was right. Excessively crying women were troublesome. Feng Wu was pleased she avoided being a crybaby.

“Enough!” Grandfather Feng yelled. “What are you crying so much for? All of you get out. Feng Wu, you stay.”

As soon as Grandfather Feng slammed his hand on the table Madam Lan stopped crying.

Feng Wu looked at the old man in admiration. So powerful. Just a few words and he made the woman that was her mother stop crying.

Were all mothers like that? But it was strange. Tian Yue didn’t cry.

Looking down Grandfather Feng saw that Feng Wu hadn’t been frightened by his outburst. Not only that but she was staring at him with shiny eyes. This girl lived outside for a year and her courage grew. If it was before she would definitely have cried and plastered an aggrieved expression on her face.

Madam Lan looked at Feng Wu. She was worried her father-in-law would get angry again so she was reluctant to leave. But she didn’t dare stay. She had lived in Feng house long enough to know that no one dared gainsay him.

Feng Ting was overjoyed. How wonderful! She hoped the old man was going to slap Feng Wu and her vile spawn to death.

Her face didn’t show a trace of her vicious thoughts. The only thing on her face was concern for her younger sister.

Papa Feng and Tian were worried because Grandfather Feng still looked angry. Was it a good idea to leave them alone together like this?

The father and son duo came to the same decision. They would wait outside the door, so if there was movement, they would be able to rush in and save Feng Wu.

After everyone left, Grandfather Feng stared at Feng Wu angrily. How surprising, she was unafraid of him. If this was before she would have already been shivering in fear. Where was this new calm attitude coming from? Turned out her leaving the house for a while was good. Her temperament had changed for the better.

Grandfather Feng coughed lightly before speaking. “You know you were wrong?”

“Yes.” Feng Wu replied obediently; her eyes crystal clear. This person was amazing. She had heard Older Brother Tian say he was her grandfather. In the future she had to be stronger like her grandfather. No one would dare be noisy and cry in front of her then.

“You and that kid from the Qui family don’t share fate. Don’t worry about it. You’ll find the right person in the future.”

“What kid from the Qui family?” Blink blink.

“Who else? Still pretending to be confused? Still not giving up on that Qui Ruo Bai?!” He thought she’d let go, turned out she was still holding out hope.

“I don’t want him.” Feng Wu didn’t know this guy from the Qui house.

“Forget it! I get angry every time I see you. Leave the child here. Go out and talk to your father and brother.” Grandfather Feng dismissed her with a wave of his hand. How irritating. Did those two stupid idiots think he didn’t know they were guarding outside the door? Who did they think he was? As if he would really kill his own granddaughter. Psh!

“Hm.” Feng Wu nodded and left Little Bun with Little White in the hall.

Grandfather Feng waited until Feng Wu left before reaching over and taking Little Bun from Little White. He studied Little Bun closely.

Grandfather Feng was still a stranger to Little Bun and his hold was a little too firm. Little Bun frowned. He was displeased.


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201: The Ungrateful Shui

201: The Ungrateful Shui

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[February 6, 2021]

Grandfather Feng stared back at Little Bun. “Who are you, you little rascal? Why does the vice-principal think you’re so special? Says you’re special, says it’s a secret, says he’s not allowed to say. And now I have to keep it a secret too. Tells me I have to keep it a secret but won’t share what the hell the secret is. Fucking old geezer. Even if I wanted to talk about it, it’s not like I know anything.”

He had blown an enchantment out through his beard as he spoke so no one could hear their conversation.


“Xiao Wu, you and Grandfather finished talking already?” Tian was surprised their conversation ended so quickly.

Papa Feng was puzzled. “Where’s the child?” He was anxious when he didn’t see the nanny beast holding Little Bun.

“With Grandfather,” replied Feng Wu.

“With Grandfather?!” Cold-hearted Grandfather Feng was interested in a child? How shocking!

But neither men were worried about Little Bun’s well-being. Grandfather Feng was a peerless powerhouse on the pinnacle of the world. He wouldn’t stoop to hurting a baby.

Grandfather Feng: Then why the hell were you loitering by the doorway?!

“It looks like Grandfather Feng didn’t say it, but he’s forgiven you. He wouldn’t have been interested in your child otherwise.”

Papa Feng was so relieved. On one side was his daughter, on the other side was his father. He would have had a hard time if they fought. Good thing everyone could live peacefully.

“That’s great Xiao Wu. Looks like Grandfather isn’t angry anymore.”

Feng Wu had suffered a lot in the past year but now things were finally better.

That Feng Wu was back home was a big deal. The news spread to the other aristocrat houses in the capital.

Most people didn’t expect she would be able return. Most people would have been executed for shaming their houses like that. Being exiled was a lenient sentence. Or if the person wasn’t driven out then they would be stripped of their status. They would certainly never be able to enjoy the benefits they once had.

The capital, Qui mansion, Bing’s room.

“So Feng Wu is really back.” The woman who spoke was dignified with sharp eyebrows and eastern features. Her porcelain hand held a jade teacup to red lips.

“It makes me sick. Grandpa Feng is beyond silly.” Bing[ID] was sitting by the window trimming a plant, but she was doing it badly.

“What should we do Big Sister Lanzhou? I hate her so much. I don’t understand why Grandpa Feng would let her come back. She’ll be buzzing around Elder Brother again. It’s disgusting!” Shui wanted to slap Feng Wu ever since she found out from Feng Ting, but her sister had sent her a note so she was forced to return home. Lanzhou, her older sister’s friend, had come over so now all three were in Bing’s room.

“Little sister, stop talking nonsense. If you liken her to a fly buzzing, then what is Bai?”[ID] Bing glanced at Shui in light reproach. She put down the potted plant and went to sit down beside Lanzhou.

Shui realized her comment had been inappropriate. She covered her mouth with her hand in an oops gesture before sticking her tongue out at her older sister playfully. “I was wrong. To say she’s a fly is too good for her.”

“Shui, why are you even so angry? It’s not like she and Bai are ever going to get together. You should know your mother would never allow Bai to marry a woman who’s already got a child.” Lanzhou put her teacup down, while maintaining her perfect posture.

“I just really hate her! I don’t want to see her pestering Elder Brother. And she slapped me twice last time. She’s a horrible, disgusting woman. I wish she would just die!”

“She beat you?!”Bing didn’t expect her little sister to keep something so important secret.

Even Lanzhou’s eyes opened up in surprise. “She dared hit you?!”

“Of course she dared. She’s older now. Before she would always make a detour around me, but now not only does she dare talk back to me, she dare hit me!” Shui’s heart burned with anger every time she thought about those two slaps to the face.

Bing’s eyes darkened. “Hm... In that case I really can’t let her go.”

“Older Sister, you and Sister Lanzhou have to help me get revenge!” Her sister and Sister Lanzhou were the only ones she could share the humiliation with. Yes, she was really beaten by someone with a crippled cultivation system. Her pride wouldn’t let her swallow the insult.

Lanzhou let out a small puff of air before softly saying, “Don’t worry. Feng Wu was in the wrong this time. Bing and I will help you.”

“Big Sister Lanzhou, you’re wonderful!” Shui exclaimed.


Feng Wu didn’t know three girls were out to get her. She was busy being happy.

She was either reading romance novels with her mother or accompanying her mother with Little Bun shopping or watching some play or other. Sometimes Tian came along with them, though usually he was busy practicing swordsmanship with Grandfather Feng.

Papa Feng had his hands full taking care of family business so he didn’t normally have time to accompany them.

Right now the mother and daughter duo were walking hand in hand to see a play. They were dressed in similar styles; it was quite a pretty picture. The theater they were going to was well-known in the capital; many aristocrats and couples patronized it.

Today’s play was called “Dragon Slayer Hero.” It was about a young man named Ao who was a swordsmanship fanatic. He visited sword masters from all around the world to hone his swordsmanship. When he finally returned home, he found out that a gigantic fire-breathing dragon had burned his entire village down.

Everyone died. Even his parents. To avenge them he went to the royal palace and obtained the legendary Holy Royal sword that had been passed down for generations. Then Ao went to the dragon’s home island and slayed the fire-breathing dragon.


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Chaotic Storm:

See I told you... There may be a prophecy about him, or he may be the reincarnation of some bigshot, or it may be that his father is some legendary character, but what's sure is that her baby is very special, and the vice principal knows it, that's why he defended Xiao Wu 😁 Thanks for the chapter ~

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202: Plan Failure

202: Plan Failure

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[February 7, 2021]

People didn’t have to live in fear of the dragon anymore. Ao was hailed as a hero and the king gave him the princess’s hand in marriage. Ao and the princess married and lived happily ever after. The End.

The person who played the part of Ao was a handsome man from the kingdom by the name of Hua Sheng. Madam Lan liked the actor and went to every play he appeared in. If he was in it, she’d be there.

They were at the point in the story where Ao returned home to find it burned to the ground. It was an emotional scene were the hero vowed he would avenge everyone, has father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, – the entire village!

“Wuuu, wuuu. Ao is so pitiful, losing his family so young. ” Madam Lan dabbed her eyes with her tear soaked handkerchief.

Feng Wu: But why is the dragon made of fabric?

Well it was a fake dragon of course. It was basically made out of magical fabric that when imbued with fire magic would give people the illusion of a dragon.

Feng Wu’s eyes were sharp and she could tell from a glance that the dragon flying around was fake.

Feng Wu wondered why the man cried so much. Why declare vengeance on a piece of fabric? He was so strange.

“Wuuu… hiccup!” Madam Lan had cried so much she hiccupped.

“The sword is obviously a regular iron sword. Why are they calling it a holy sword?[notes] Feng Wu stared at the man on stage holding the “holy” sword made of iron and at the dragon made out of fabric. She watched them fight with an expressionless face. It didn’t make sense.

“Wuuu…” Madam Lan bit her handkerchief. She was never going go to a play with Xiao Wu ever again! Can’t let a person enjoy the story in peace!

Madam Lan, who had dreams of watching plays with her daughter, had her dreams dashed. She didn’t dare ask Feng Wu again.

Well if mother and daughter couldn’t watch plays together then they could cook! Madam Lan smiled just thinking about all the wonderful cakes they would make together.

Madam Lan sent the servants out of the kitchen so she and her daughter could experience the joy of cooking, but when the finished product came out Madam Lan truly regretted the decision.

Madam Lan: What is this? Obviously followed the same steps so why is the thing my daughter made all black and smoking? Is it safe to eat…?

Feng Wu stared at her mother with bright expectant eyes, waiting for her mother to try a bite.

Madam Lan wasn't sure she'd survive if she ate it.

Auntie Lian was standing to the side wondering the very same thing.

“No… never mind. I’m afraid to do that. Just practice some more.” What Madam Lan really wanted to say was, "Please never cook again!" but that cute expression… she couldn’t bare to.

They ended up eating the biscuits Madam Lan made. The ones Feng Wu made was quietly removed and disposed of as lethal weapons.


“Da! Da! Da!” Little Bun grinned, his toothless mouth open and dripping drool. He held the rattle like it was a toy as he banged it against the bed furiously. He was having fun all by himself.

“Young Master, here’s some delicious milk. It’s from a level 5 beast.” The maid ignored the nanny shengmu beast and offered Little Bun a bottle of milk.

The shengmu had been peacefully standing when the maid walked into the room toward Little Bun. It immediately glared a warning at the maid to not come any closer, otherwise it wouldn't be nice.

Everyone knew shengmu beasts were the best babysitters. But if it regarded you as an enemy it wouldn’t hesitate to lash out at you.

She stopped trying to move closer. “Shengmu beast, you’re Little White right? The young miss asked me to bring the little master this milk. Here, you can feed it to him.”


Not only did Little White reject the milk, it knocked the milk to the floor.

“Why did you do that?!” She was angry but she couldn’t reason with the beast so she picked the bottle up and left.

She walked to a tiny obscure corner.

“How did it go? Did the kid drink it?” Another woman in maid uniform hurried to the first maid.

“No Sister Ming. The shengmu beast was watching and wouldn’t let the kid have any.”

“Useless! Such a simple thing and you couldn’t do it. Why did the eldest miss even save you for?!” The new maid cursed as she pointed at the first maid.

The first maid kept her head down as she was being scolded, but in her heart was a rebellious thought: if it was so easy why didn’t you do it?

After a few more choice words, Ming shook her sleeve out and left to report to her master.


“Sorry Master, the girl failed.” Ming kept her head respectfully down.

“That child is a stain to the house. I wanted to save the Feng reputation, I did not expect you would let me down so much…”

Feng Ting looked coldly at Ming. A glimmer of something flashed in her eyes.

“Eldest Young Miss, I will not fail next time. Please have mercy!” Ming threw herself down begging in fright.

“Forget it. Upon reconsideration, it’s probably too early to get rid of the child anyway.”

Ming was unwilling. “But Miss, letting Xiao Ye[ID] off is too good. That loser Feng Wu doesn’t deserve your kindness!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not letting her off the hook. I’m the eldest daughter. I’ll never let that trash take my place in Brother Tian’s heart.”

Feng Ting knew she was behaving irrationally, but she couldn’t help it. She felt her reason snap whenever she saw Brother Tian doting on Feng Wu.

Grandfather Feng treated her with indifference and her father didn’t love her. Brother Tian was the only one good to her. Their relationship opened a lot of doors for her. Primary of which was access to other aristocrats and their direct heirs.

She’d worked hard to make sure Tian saw her in the best light. She knew he admired the same kind of woman Grandfather did. Both men liked women who reflected them, strong and intelligent. If it weren’t for the fact Father Feng loved Madam Lan so much, Madam Lan, with her temper, would have never been able to step through the front gates of Feng House and gotten Grandfather’s approval.

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203: Cousin Yi Lin

203: Cousin Yi Lin

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[February 8, 2021]

She knew it was impossible for her to win over any of the three major members.[notes] No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move them. They treated her with indifference, neither neglecting nor favoring her. Brother Tian was her only angle.

Tian and Feng Wu didn’t used to get along before. She used to secretly laugh at Feng Wu because of it. But now they were getting along and he was even doting on her. It was the first time she felt threatened.

She was jealous of Feng Wu. That girl got all the attention just because she was Madam Lan’s daughter. She didn’t have to put any effort in at all!

She had to get rid of Feng Wu and make Feng house completely give up on that trash. She had wanted to kill Feng Wu’s child just to make her suffer. But thinking about it now, she knew it wasn’t the right time. She was being too irrational. Wouldn’t killing the child help Feng Wu? Then her shame wouldn’t be an eyesore to everyone. As long as that illegitimate child existed they would remember the scandal and the shame Feng Wu brought to the house. Feng Wu that slut, she gave birth to a child out of wedlock, is what they will think every time they saw the baby.

Feng Ting calmed down after thinking it over. She stopped being so anxious. She wasn’t the only one who wanted Feng Wu gone either. If she knew Shui at all, she knew that girl would act against Feng Wu soon. She wasn’t sure what Shui planned but she needed to be ready to add to the flames when the time came.


Feng Wu was playing in the garden with Little Bun when a maid walked in with a girl. The girl was about the same age as Feng Wu.

“Second Young Miss, Miss Yi Lin is here.” The maid stood to the side respectfully.

“Xiao Wu! Why didn’t you come visit me when you came back? I don’t have anyone to talk to. I’ve been so bored since you left.” Yi Lin dismissed the maid with, “You leave first. I have some things I want to talk to your master about.”

The maids all knew Yi Lin and their master were on good terms, so they obediently obeyed.

After all the maids left Yi Lin stepped over toward Feng Wu and reached out to affectionately hold her hand. But unexpectedly the Feng Wu who had always been close to her stepped back to avoid her.

Surprising. When did this fool get so smart? Had she done something? No, not possible. Feng Wu was too stupid. Yi Lin was confused.

Feng Wu had taken Little Bun and backed up two steps. “Who are you?” She stared at the stranger in front of her.

“What’s wrong with you Xiao Wu? I’m Yi Lin, your cousin. Your aunt’s daughter. How could you forget me?!” Was it amnesia? But she hadn’t heard anything about it. Maybe Feng Wu was pretending to not know her because she was mad about that whole pregnancy thing? It was her idea that got Feng Wu into the situation…

“Xiao Wu, are you still angry with me? Because I suggested you go to Heavy Fog forest and look for the legendary essence fruit? You have to believe me, I never thought something like that would happen in the middle of the forest. I would never do something like that to you on purpose. I wish I could switch places with you. Don’t be mad anymore OK?” Yi Lin’s eyes got red and she brought a handkerchief to her cheeks.

Feng Wu should have rushed over and comforted her. After all she was Feng Wu’s only friend since they were little.

But it was a sad miscalculation. The Feng Wu that Yi Lin knew, the one that regarded her as a friend and close sister, had died during childbirth. The Feng Wu in front of her was a different soul from another world. And this Feng Wu wasn’t so gullible. This Feng Wu wouldn’t trust a person who tried to emotionally manipulate her.

It might be because Feng Wu had always been an unusual child who possessed an innate sense of self, she could read other people easily. Those who were sincere, those who weren’t, she could tell.

Like when she first met Tian, it was because she sensed his sincerity and kindness that she unequivocally accepted him as her brother.

Feng Ting on the other hand was not good. Though she claimed to be her older sister the only thing Feng Wu sensed from her was hate, so naturally Feng Wu refused to acknowledge her. This attitude wasn't suspicious because Original Feng Wu never paid attention to Feng Ting either.

Feng Wu could tell Yi Lin didn’t like her. Unable to sense any kindness from the person in front of her, Feng Wu naturally wouldn’t believe her. Even if Feng Wu wasn’t smart, she had good instincts. She was like an animal that instinctively knew to avoid danger.

Yi Lin stood there and cried for a full five minutes but Feng Wu didn’t show a single sign of concern. It was clear Feng Wu wans't interested in comforting her, she was just standing there holding Little Bun. Yi Lin was at her wits end. What was she supposed to do in a situation like this? Her act was useless if no one acknowledged it.

Luckily for Yi Lin Madam Lan saved her. “Yi Lin, what’s the matter. You two cousins normally get a long so well. What’s going on?” The girls were like two peas in a pod so why was the atmosphere so tense?

It only got stranger as Madam Lan got closer. One was crying while the other stood there like a stone. Why were they so unfriendly with each other?

“Auntie.” At last! Yi Lin was so relieved. She hadn’t known how to get out of the situation. Why was Feng Wu suddenly so hard to deal with? Had going outside been too much of a shock for her?

“Yi Lin, stop crying. Come tell your auntie what’s wrong.” Madam Lan walked over and wiped Yi Lin’s tears.

“It’s nothing, -sniffle-. I was just complaining how I wasn’t by Xiao Wu’s side when the accident happened. Then afterwards I couldn’t help her. I felt sad.” Of course Yi Lin wasn’t going to tell the truth. The only ones who knew about Feng Wu's accident were her and Feng Wu.

If Grandfather Feng found out she had a hand in Feng Wu’s pregnancy, she knew wouldn't escape unscathed.

Her father’s side of the family was minor and had no power. She couldn’t risk losing the affections of her father and uncle.


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204: Daughter’s Day

204: Daughter’s Day

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[February 12, 2021]

Madam Lan was moved to tears. “You have a good heart. Auntie is touched you care so much for Xiao Wu.” Madam Lan was easily moved by small things, but Yi Lin’s concern for Feng Wu moved her a lot.

“Don’t cry anymore Auntie. It’s my fault for making you sad.”

“It’s not your fault Yi Lin. Auntie is just so touched by you girls.”

The two hugged and cried in each other’s arms, totally forgetting about Feng Wu.

When her tears finally dried and there was nothing left to cry, Madam Lan pulled back from Yi Lin and asked, “Yi Lin, why were you looking for Xiao Wu?

“Oh right. Daughter's day is in three days. I wanted to see the river lanterns with Xiao Wu. Is it OK?” Yi Lin finally got to say what she came to say. Didn’t expect the delay to be so long.

Yi Lin would have tossed her sleeve and left ages ago were it not for the fact that Madam Lan was her aunt and the patriarch’s wife. Why else would she have bothered to spend so much time carrying on and crying with the woman. Yi Lin didn’t understand why her uncle married such a human waterfall. The woman cried more than she talked!

If it was Yi Lin inviting Feng Wu then it was OK. They were cousins. Madam Lan had nearly forgotten about Daughter's day. She gave her permission for the two go together.

Speaking of Daughter's day, it is a unique festival in the ancient east. Everyday on that day, unmarried daughters from all over (it didn’t matter if they were royalty, aristocrats, or commoners) would go to the river to watch the lights. Legend had it that their wishes would come true if they wrote their birthday and wish on a piece of paper and tied it to a lantern to float down the river.

Whether it was true or not, countless unmarried girls went to the river to light a lantern.

Father Feng told his two daughters, Feng Wu and Feng Ting, to go an enjoy themselves at the river. Of course he wouldn’t let them go unchaperoned. He assigned Tian to watch over them and had Madam Lan stay behind to take care of Little Bun.

Little Bun wasn’t born under a fantastic star but he was small and adorable. In less than an hour, he’d gained Madam Lan’s acceptance and won her over.


The Feng children went to the spot reserved for nobles. Everyone was allowed to light a lantern on the river, but there were specific places for every class. The nobility were prideful, so of course they wouldn’t cram in with the common folk.

The royal family built a garden just for noble children. In the garden was a bamboo building for young noble ladies to sit and chat in. They could admire the beautiful flowers while setting their lanterns onto the river.

It was a large three-story building. The first floor was for daughters of minor noble families. The second floor was for those from major noble families. These included some ranked aristocrats like the daughters of minor princes and dukes. The third floor was reserved for imperial princesses of the royal family or their invited guests.

No one would dare enter the building without permission.

Feng Wu and Feng Ting went to the second floor. It was awkward for a guy to follow them in so Tian stayed in the garden.

There were already a few ladies in the second floor. They began whispering as soon as they saw Feng Wu. A few bold ones even pointed; they had no scruples doing so since Tian wasn’t there.

The ladies knew Feng Wu was an impulsive, brainless twit. She got in trouble every time she made a ruckus. If she dared make trouble in the building, then the queen would punish her for sure. It wouldn’t matter if she was a Feng member or not.

All the ladies there were from distinguished families. It wasn’t that they hated Feng Wu, it was just that her behavior was unfit for a girl in her position. She was simply too unsightly. But despite her behavior and her inability to cultivate, her family still looked kindly upon her.

She had no self-control and went berserk whenever anyone mentioned the word “broken cultivation”[notes] in front of her. You couldn’t even count how many times her recklessness got her in trouble. She never learned and kept falling for the same traps over and over again.

How did Feng house produce someone like her? She was unfit for public occasions.

When some of the young ladies thought about it like that, their mouths soured. It felt like the standards for nobility had dropped.

The gossip about Feng Wu had spread to the entire aristocracy. Considering Feng Wu’s personality, none of the ladies felt any sympathy for her.

Trash would always be trash. It would have been better if she knew her place. Being noble did not fit her at all, the hat was simply too big for her to wear. She was better suited to be amongst the common folk.

No one expected her to return from exile. This Daughter's day suddenly felt dreary.

Some were jealous of her even if they didn’t want to admit it. That was part of the reason they hated her. Jealous she could make her family love her so much without putting in any effort. Her family didn’t give up on her even though she had no cultivation abilities.

They thought about their own situations, of how much time and effort they spent learning things they had no interest in just so their parents would be proud of them.

So as you can see, there were various reasons why some girls didn’t like Original Feng Wu. Of course there were also girls who didn’t bother with Feng Wu, never mind put in the effort to hate her, but these girls were in the minority.

So when Feng Wu went up to the second floor she was immediately hit by a wave of strong disgust. It shot at her like a knife. The girls didn’t disguise how they felt at all.

Shui and her sister, Bing, sat in a corner. They sneered when they saw Feng Wu come up. Time to make trouble for the loser. The bigger the trouble the better.

You know it's not so much Original Feng Wu made her family love her, it's more that she was lucky to be part of a decent family. They're good folks, excepting her half-sister. If Feng Wu was in any other family, for all the shame she brought with her outrageous behavior and constant fighting, I'm sure she would have been executed a long time ago, eldest daughter or not. So she's really lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Thanks for the new chap. 💕💕

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--- Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. It's quite annoying with all the scheming, I'm looking forward more to Feng Wu hitting them.

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Thank you for the chapter! @justreads It also speaks volumes at how common bad families are there. Also they lost respect for her because she kept falling into traps? That's because she had a decent family that she didn't have to grow up dodging traps in order to live. Isn't her peaceful home life the result of her parents being in love with each other an the father not taking three wives and three concubines like his peers. Same with picking fights with someone for not having a skill in cultivation. I feel like it was society that was messed up, not her. Of course it's easy to say because I don't have to survive in that world and am judging from a world that doesn't have such things at all.

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Schemes??? Commence the face slapping!

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[February 13, 2021]

“Oh my god, look at the guts on that girl. So loose and still dare to come out in public.”

“I know. How thick can her skin be? She already lived so long as the number one disappointment in the Feng family. Living in so much excess, was there even any value in her chastity?”

“Does she even have any face left? I don’t know why Feng house would let someone so shameful back in.”

“I know. If it was my house, we’d have kill the slut already for ruining the family name like that.”

“She dare come light the lantern even though she already has a child. So shameless.”

“I know. I would have mortified to death.”

The noble ladies held themselves with grace and proper poise while delivering these vicious words. It was a testament to their education.

If it was Original Feng Wu, she would have already rushed out and slapped some bitches. She didn’t get the nickname “she devil” for nothing.

But the one standing there now wasn’t the Feng Wu they knew.

“Xiao Wu! You’re here. Why didn’t you call out to me?” Yi Lin yelled up from down the stairs.

Yi Lin’s family was a smaller noble family so she didn’t have the qualifications to go to the second floor. Without Feng Wu there she wouldn’t have the courage to go up. She could only blame her mother for marrying poorly.

As the eldest daughter in Feng house, her mother could have married better, but instead she married into some no name minor noble house.

Her mother, Feng Tian Jiao, had been the number one catch back then. She naturally attracted the spotlight as the eldest Feng daughter. Everyone wondered which top notch family she would marry into. Who knew the delicate Feng daughter would fall in love and try to elope with the son of a minor noble.

She was captured and brought back home in under two hours, but she didn’t give in and instead went on a hunger strike. So between having her die from hunger or letting her marry the man she wanted, the family ended up giving in, however they only gave her a small dowry.

Her life wasn’t peaches and cream after marriage. It was only after she moved out of Feng house that she realized what hardships lay in living in a minor house. It was too late for regrets though.

Feng Jiao had two sons and three daughters. Yi Lin was her eldest. Because she had so many children, she was able to live an easy life. Feng house members were relieved.

No matter what, she was still the eldest daughter of Feng house. The house she married into didn’t dare treat her badly. Everyone had already gone through their indignant phase over the marriage. Even her arrogant and domineering father and brother[notes] couldn’t do anything but shake their heads in helplessness.

Feng house may have ignored her long ago had they not been bound by blood.

“It’s Yi Lin. Come on up.” Feng Ting beckoned for Yi Li to come up.

Now that she had Feng Ting’s approval, Yi Lin picked up the hem of her skirt and walked upstairs. As soon as she reached the top she went to stand beside Feng Wu and Feng Ting. She looked around curiously.

The other ladies had no interest in her so they didn’t pay her any attention. She was a Feng cousin so they weren’t concerned about her behaving inappropriately like some greenhorn.

Yi Lin, this person was good at using other people. She was outrageously spoiled by her mother. In fact if it weren’t for her knowing to display the right image, she would have been rejected by Feng house long ago.

Feng Ting hid the disdain in her eyes. It figured Feng Wu was only worthy of associating with this kind of person. She knew Yi Lin spoke badly about Feng Wu behind her back. Yi Lin even used Feng Wu to beat her two younger sisters by fooling Feng Wu into thinking they bullied her at home.

The results were predictable; of course there would be no words of praise. Her family scolded her severely and her aunt’s family was offended. Feng Wu was a fool.

“Let’s go sit here.” Yi Lin pulled Feng Wu’s hand to a couple of empty seats.

The seat wasn’t bad. It had a good view of both the garden and river below.

“Xiao Wu, Feng Ting, have you heard? Other than the usual male guests we always have, there’s another bigshot visiting.” Yi Lin lowered her voice. She looked left and right, pretending to be mysterious.

“A heavy weight huh? Is he one of the three princes?” Feng Ting wasn’t all that interested.

Daughter day was basically like a giant blind date with many minor princes and members of the imperial royal family in attendance. There were always a few who paired up during the festival.

The three princes attended every year. Not many people could get close to them, but that didn’t dampen the ladies’ enthusiasm. If they could become an imperial concubine, they’d be the envy of the nation.

Feng Ting wasn’t looking to marrying any of the three princes though. She wasn’t delusional. She knew that with her status, there was no way she would be admitted as a concubine. Besides she already had a target in mind.

Yi Lin’s dream of being a concubine was ridiculous. She looked down on Yi Lin and her silly dreams. A girl from such a small house, how could she be accepted as a royal concubine? Feng Ting was disdainful of Yi Lin.

“I don’t know which prince, but it’s definitely a prince from the Silver Moon country. A descendent of a god!” Yi Lin grew more excited the more she thought about it. If she could get his favor, she wouldn’t have to suck up to Xiao Wu anymore!

“Prince of the ancient Silver Moon country?” Feng Ting nearly yelled out loud. No wonder there were so many more male guests downstairs than normal. Turned it a big shot would be visiting.

A fire lit in Feng Ting’s heart. Bo forget it, she wouldn’t have a chance. Eighty percent of the aristocrats here would by aiming for him. She wouldn’t get the chance to get close.

Feng Ting dreamed big but she was realistic. She had a strong sense of self-awareness and knew better than to try and snatch a prince away from one of the princesses. It would be one thing if she succeeded, but if she failed she would be blacklisted forever. The risk wasn’t worth it.

I was wrong.
Original Feng Wu isn't autistic. She's just very impulsive and lacks self control. That girl will fight you if you give her the wrong look. Super defensive but also super loyal, as evinced by her friendship with the good for nothing Yi Lin. Current Feng Wu is like a peaceful buddha compared to her. LOL.

Bet this is Jier or Ming Xi, or at the very least, still someone Feng Wu knows.

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My vote is Ming Xi as she needs her fateful encounter...

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--- Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. My vote is for Jier, I don't really want Ming Xi to appear at this time. He's not that good to Feng Wu yet, so it would be better for Jier to be the one to appear since he'll for sure support her. hmm. there's also the chance it's the other classmate of Ming Xi too? he's a descendent too if I remember right.

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yeah, this prince is definitely she already knows. Extra points if she jumps from the second story of the building and proposes to him for the third time. Like a boss.

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Hey I finally caught up! I just wanted to say thank you to the translator for keeping up with this novel. I usually really don't like these types of novels (asian webnovels about a female protagonist who trasmigrates) because they're very superficial and there's no substance in them, but I think this novel is such a breath of fresh air. I lost someone close to me and all I could do for a while was distract myself and this webnovel became the primary distraction for me. I just want to say thank you and please keep going! I've fallen in love with all these characters and earnestly want to see where the story goes! And I'm also kind of in love with the way your website looks, haha.

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My condolences. I hope you have people around you who keep you moving forward.

I'm sure the author would be happy to hear you're enjoying the story.

And thank you for your kind comments. Coding the website is a baby project of mine so it's always nice to get feedback.

I don't know with a name like Silver Moon country, I'm thinking it's Ming Xi, because you know he's always compared to the moon.

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As always thanks for the chapter!!<3 My vote is on Ming Xi as well. Super excited for whenever everyone realizes what a boss Feng Wu is :D

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Thank you for the chapter! ❤ Hmm that's interesting. If the original lived in our world she problably would have been happier. Unlucky. I think that the one coming is definitely somone Feng Wu knows though.

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206: An Irritable Yi Lin

206: An Irritable Yi Lin

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[February 14, 2021]

Yi Lin was surprised her cousins didn’t know about the Silver Moon prince.

Madam Lan hadn’t shared the news with the girls because she didn’t think the Silver Moon’s prince’s arrival had anything to do with their house. Neither girls were qualified to pursue him. Feng Wu already had a baby so shooting that high wasn’t possible. Feng Ting was an ordinary concubine so her being able to marry into any member of the royal family was already a stretch.

Yi Lin gave them a strange look. “Yeah, I heard it from my mom. How come you guys don’t know?” Even her mother, the wife of a small patriarch, knew about it, so how could her more highly placed cousins not know?

Normally Feng Wu wouldn’t go inside the bamboo house with the other nobles. Normally she would leave the festival right after placing her lantern in the river, so Yi Lin had expected she would have to force Feng Wu to go inside. Unexpectedly, Feng Wu went voluntarily went inside the house.

Yi Lin was interested in being inside the house because her odds of attracting the prince’s attention would be better there. Yi Lin didn’t understand why Feng Wu had such a change of heart, but it didn’t matter. This worked out for the best. Yi Lin made up her mind to use the opportunity to capture the prince’s heart. Then we’ll see who would dare look down on her.

The more Yi Lin thought about it, the more beautiful her dreams became. She could see herself wearing a crown as an imperial concubine, be the envy of all the girls here.

Feng Wu didn’t care at all about the conversation the girls were having; the prince had nothing to do with her. She focused on eating the stash of pastries on the table.

Once those slices were devoured, Feng Wu stretched her hands out to the daughter cakes. The cake was often eaten during Daughter day, so they were relatively famous all throughout the ancient eastern countries.

The ones here were specifically made by royal chefs of the royal family, so they were fragrant, soft, and wonderfully sweet. To say they were popular with girls would have been an understatement.

“I didn’t know. Mother didn’t mention it. Xiao Wu did you know?” Was Madam Lan afraid she would steal Feng Wu’s limelight, that she would attract the prince’s attention and eventually have a better life than Feng Wu? Was that why she deliberately didn’t share news of the prince?

Feng Ting didn’t think Madam Lan was sincere towards her. The only reason the madam didn’t scold her was to maintain a virtuous reputation. If it was her husband, children, or grandchildren, she would be sincere.

Feng Wu didn’t slow down but she did shake her head slightly at the question.

“You didn’t know Xiao Wu?” Feng Ting didn’t believe it for a second. Feng Wu had to be lying. But she didn’t lose anything because she never viewed the prince as a target anyway. She wouldn’t let Madam Lan manipulate her even if the woman was actively trying to ruin her chances of a good match.

“Mm.” Feng Wu nodded as she stretched her hand out to another piece of cake.

“Ting Ting!”

“Shui, what are you doing here? I thought you’d be on the third floor with Princess Rong Hua.”

Shui was dressed in a pale pink dress made of rare magical fabric. It was obvious from the stitches that the embroidery was special. She didn’t wear any extra accessories other than a small bejeweled headpiece. It was a simple understated type of elegance.

“Sister Lanzhou is up on the third floor with the five princesses. This year even the queen is up there. My sister was also afraid I would say something wrong, so she wouldn’t let me up.” Shui rolled her eyes playfully.

Princess Rong Hua was the king’s third daughter. Though she wasn't the oldest daughter, she was the queen’s daughter, so her status was still higher than the other princesses.

Shui’s sister, Bing, was also friends with her. Together they were recognized as the three most outstanding ladies in their generation.

Number one was Princess Rong Hua, the third princess of the ancient eastern kingdoms. The second was Lanzhou, the eldest daughter of the Lan family. The third was Bing from the Qui family. They were all peerless beauties with too many suitors to count.

Because of their outstanding reputation the queen invited Lanzhou and Bing to the third floor. Every Daughter day Bing would bring Shui up to do a meet and greet with the princesses.

This year was different. This year Princess Rong Hua had her eyes set on a certain someone, so she was extra sensitive to the things around her. Bing was a smart girl; she knew her little sister had a big mouth. What if that big mouth said something inappropriate? It ruin Bing’s friendship with the princess.

“Oh, so that’s why. Shui, why don’t you come and sit with us?” Feng Ting took Shui’s hand and led her to the seat beside her.

Yi Lin had always been jealous of the good relationship between Feng Ting and Shui. It was so unfair. How did a concubine daughter end up having such a good friend? This was a source of unhappiness in Yi Lin’s heart. Because of this she approached and flattered Shui whenever she had the chance. She leaned forward and spoke some words of flattery. “Miss Shui is so beautiful today. Truly befitting of a daughter of the Qui house.”

Shui didn’t care for Yi Lin’s bootlicking. She disdainfully said, “I’m beautiful every day. Today is nothing special.”

“I misspoke; it was my fault. Of course Miss Shui is beautiful every day.” Yi Lin stopped her chatter and kept quiet after that.


Pity beauty was wasted on your disgusting self Thank you for an update ~

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Thank you for the chapter!

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Thank you for updating and happy Valentine's day! ☺ Lol now is Feng Wu gonna steal that special somone, because she knows him and that will bring ire out of the princess? 😏

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207: The Follow-up

207: The Follow-up

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[February 15, 2021]

“Xiao Wu, don’t just eat snacks, drink some tea as well. This is special fulong tea from the palace. It’s not every day we get to drink this kind of tea.” Yi Lin focused on Feng Wu since she couldn’t edge into the conversation between Feng Ting and Shui.

Fulong flowers had a wonderful fragrance that spread for miles. They were specially grown in the mountains in the ancient eastern countries and were popular with the ladies because it was good for the complexion.

Eventually fulong flowers were made into teas and became an exclusive tribute to the royal family. Except for some powerful families who were able to get it though special means, it was impossible for anyone to get their hands on it.

Every year on Daughter’s day the royal family would provide fulong tea as refreshment inside the house. It was a rare opportunity for the lower ranked noble girls to drink it.

Yi Lin had already poured a cup for herself and was enjoying it.

Seeing that the tea had a fresh, bright fragrance, Feng Wu poured a cup. Her eyes lit up. It was delicious! She took a few more sips before biting into another piece of cake. She was busy eating and didn’t notice the look Yi Lin and Shui gave her.

Feng Ting noticed. It excited her. She was sure Feng Wu was about to suffer some bad luck. She was certainly not going to warn Feng Wu!

The ladies on the second floor enjoyed the tea and cakes while chatting. The sky shone, blooming with dazzling fireworks.

They knew the lantern lighting would start soon. Excited and unable to sit still, they gradually filed out in groups of two’s and three’s to the river. It was a short easy walk because the river was right in front of the garden.

Each lady had a maid with them who carried the lantern; it was just that the maids couldn’t enter the bamboo house and were waiting in a separate room nearby.

Both maids for Feng Wu and Yi Lin were waiting outside with lanterns for their masters.


“Tian what’s wrong with you today? Are you worried about Feng Ting? You keep looking at the bamboo house.” Bai noticed his friend had been distracted and his gaze kept straying to the bamboo house.

“Xiao Wu is inside. I was worried she might be bullied.” Tian shared his concern with this friend.

“Vice-captain, why are you worried about that rotten woman? She beat Shui last time. Who’d be fierce enough to bully her?” Ning Fei[ID] said.

Lu Zhong[ID] joined in. “Yeah, that woman is so bad. Vice-captain, you should only be worried about Feng Ting. Feng Wu isn't qualified to be your sister."

“Lu Zhong, I consider you a friend. So I will ask you to not talk about my sister that way.” Tian glared at Lu Zhong. He directed his words at Lu Zhong but he made sure to catch Ning Fei’s eyes as well.

He intended to be a good brother. Obviously he wasn’t going to let his friends bad mouth his little sister in front of him.

Lu Zhong and Ning Fei exchanged glances. It looked like Tian was serious. If they didn’t want to break their friendship, they would have to stop badmouthing Feng Wu. They didn’t want to lose a good friend over such a rotten girl so they kept their mouths shut.

It was the first time Bai heard about his sister being beat. Both his sisters were adored in their house. They were spoiled and had never been physically disciplined.

Suddenly he just learned his younger sister was beaten? And she was beaten by a girl who was known all over the kingdom as a person with broken cultivation. How was that possible?

Bai nearly laughed out loud.

Thinking about Feng Wu’s broken cultivation, even if his sister wasn’t a peerless master, there shouldn’t have been a problem dealing with Feng Wu’s broken cultivation. It was hard for Bai to believe what he’d just heard.

“You said Feng Wu hit Shui? What’s going on?” Bai didn’t think it was true. The two boys were good friends with Shui so there was no way they’d make such a strange joke.

Ning Fei and Lu Zhong looked carefully at Tian. They didn’t want to say it, but the captain asked… they only needed to not badmouth Feng Wu.

Their description of what happened was biased towards Shui. The girls met on the mountain and there were some words exchanged. Eventually Feng Wu got so angry she hit Shui. Feng Wu refused to apologize and became even more belligerent, but because they wanted to give the vice-captain some face, they let her go.

Bai pressed his hand to his forehead. Did these guys think he didn’t know what their personalities were like? “Jin Li,[ID] you tell me what happened.” He trusted Jin Li’s interpretation of events more than these other two guys.

“We met Feng Wu and some of her friends while we were in the middle of a mission in the virtual world. Shui said a lot of ugly things and provoked Feng Wu. Feng Wu, don’t know when she gained abilities, but she managed to slap Shui before any of us could react. After the slap, Ning Fei and Lu Zhong demanded an apology from Feng Wu. Feng Wu refused, so those two fought Feng Wu’s friends. They didn’t think Feng Wu’s friend recorded the incident. To keep things from getting worse I took our group off the mountain.”

Jin Li was objective and didn’t add unnecessary opinion to the story. His retelling stuck to the facts.

“So that’s why Shui said all those things to me before. She was pestering me the other day when she came back and kept telling me to ignore and scold Feng Wu. When I asked her what had happened, she only told me Feng Wu hadn’t given up on me and was trying to use Feng Ting to get close to me. Turned out she was too ashamed to tell me she was beaten."

Bai touched his chin and turned to look at Tian. “Tian, my younger sister was beaten. I’m not going to let that slide.”

Tian’s face didn’t look good. He knew Qui house people were short-tempered. If Xiao Wu didn't apologize to Shui, he was afraid Bai would personally seek Xiao Wu out to get justice. They had been friends for a long time so he knew how ruthless Bai was. He didn't think his sister would be able to stand up to his friend, especially given her secret crush.


Ah original owner's tastes were so so

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Thank you for the chapter! ☺ Ehhhhh why do they want to beat Feng Wu even though it is obivious that Shui provoked them and that's logical reaction for anyone for bullying somone else? Would they have wanted Feng Wu to just stand there and have no reaction?! Idiots. 😒 Neverthless, he asked somone for neutral perspective which is good so I guess he is really so-so. Still not a great candidate.

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lol. Feng Wu might even beat him up too if he does something. ---- Thanks for the chapter` ^^

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Thank you for the new chapter. At least Bai knew those two boys were biased and tried to get the real story. +1 But taking his little sister's side even though she is not only in the wrong but lied about it to get her brother to fight her battles -10

-(Mon) February 15, 2021 @ 5:41pm


But how would he have known she lied about it? He got the story from Jin Li and the boys which basically stated, some words were exchanged, but no one repeated what those hurtful words were. So, I can't say I blame him. Would you, after hearing another girl hit your sister, not get mad? Well assuming you don't have a bad relationship. I think it was fair he'd want to defend his sister. The only issue was no one clearly explained the entire situation so both brothers got the wrong impression. Which was basically Feng Wu got mad and physically lashed out. So that's why both the brothers thought Feng Wu was at it again and being violent with her uncontrollable temper. Cause remember Feng Wu's got a bad rap.

-(Mon) February 15, 2021 @ 6:27pm

Sky :

I think if the situation was properly explained the brothers would have felt differently about it.

-(Mon) February 15, 2021 @ 6:29pm


So tian is going to let his 'friend' bully his lil sis. So much for his renewed brotherly love. Also why is xiao Wu's pregnancy situation not cleared yet? Everyone in school knows but no one in the native country? Why?

-(Tue) February 16, 2021 @ 10:54am

208: Apology

208: Apology

[Host: justreads.net]
[February 19, 2021]

“I will have her apologize. No matter the provocation, she shouldn’t have used violence.” Tian made a serious promise to Bai. Xiao Wu was in the wrong and she needed to apologize properly. Fortunately the families had a good relationship, so an apology would be enough to settle the matter.

Feng Wu had no idea her brother had already promised an apology. She was walking around the outside of the bamboo house with Feng Ting and the other girls.

The crowd was loud and cheerful. Shui didn’t follow her sister, but tagged along with Feng Ting. The smile on her face was so weird it made some of those who saw feel weird.

She couldn’t conceal the excitement in her eyes. The curve of her smile grew wider and wider. She couldn’t wait to see Feng Wu humiliated.

Daughter’s day was a rare opportunity to make good relationships, so many male guests were already looking for their lady interests. Soon enough couples began to form.

Even though Feng Ting was a concubine-born daughter, her beauty was enough to attract several men. Although her status wasn’t as good as a daughter of the main line, she was much more talented than the actual main line daughter, Feng Wu. Anyone who wanted to join with the Feng family would prefer her over Feng Wu.

Unfortunately for them, Feng Ting had her own ideas. She tactfully refused all the men who approached her. But her rejection was so gentle and graceful that no one was offended.

There were plenty of men who approached Shui as well. As the second main daughter of the Qui house, her status was much higher than Feng Ting’s. Naturally the quality of men who approached her was different.

Feng Ting was jealous, but she maintained a benign expression so no could tell what she was thinking.

Yi Lin was another matter. She was a Feng cousin too! Why weren’t there any men approaching her? What was wrong with their eyes?!

“Xiao Wu!”

Feng Wu was watching the fireworks when a voice called out to her. She recognized the voice so she turned her head happily.

Sure enough it was her brother. But beside him were the mean people from before. Feng Wu ignored them.

Ning Fei and Lu Zhong snorted when they saw Feng Wu. They couldn’t say anything bad since Tian was there.

“Brother!” Feng Wu ran into her brother’s arms giving him a big hug. She rubbed her head happily against his chest.

Ning Fei and Lu Zhong’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor. Was this the same Feng Wu?

Everyone knew the person Feng Wu hated the most was her brother. The siblings never talked to each other. But now she was so affectionate? This wasn’t right. Something was fishy. She had to be trying to divide their friendship!

The more they looked at it the more believable it was. That nasty woman, she was definitely trying to drive a wedge between them!

Bai rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he looked at the siblings.

“Xiao Wu, have you been good? Has anyone bullied you?” Tian had been so worried. He was worried she would get bullied. He was worried she’d lose her temper and fight with the other ladies. He was afraid Grandfather would get mad and scold her again.

“I was good. No one bullied me.” Feng Wu let her brother pat her head as she talked.

“That’s good.” Tian smiled and rubbed her head twice more.

“Older Brother.”

Feng Ting’s heart turned cold as she looked at the heartwarming scene between the two siblings. Did Tian only care about Feng Wu? Would he no longer care about her? She didn’t want to be ignored, and she didn’t want him to dote only Feng Wu, so she called out in an aggrieved voice.

Tian looked to Feng Ting. “Ting Ting.”

This only made Feng Ting’s heart more uncomfortable. Before Feng Wu came back, she was the only sister in Tian’s heart. But now she had to share the position with Feng Wu. After ten years of being close siblings, she was being relegated to an extra. It looked like there was no way to overcome the issue of her having a different mother.

“Vice-captain, remember you promised the captain you make this bad…er you’d make Feng Wu apologize.” Originally Ning Fei wanted to scold her but fortunately he corrected himself in time.

“Yes, yes! Vice-captain, she has to apologize, right now. She has to apologize for hitting Shui.” Lu Zhong spoke up from the side.

Tian gave them a cold glare. Then he turned in a circle while stilling hugging Feng Wu so she could face Shui.

“Xiao Wu, Big Brother heard you hit Shui. It’s wrong to hit people. You know you should apologize to when you hit people right?” In the end he didn’t use his position as an elder brother to force her to apologize, instead he tried to explain why she should apologize.

He was encouraged by how much she had grown up recently. He hoped she could see the error of her ways and apologize on her own.

Feng Wu looked at her brother then at Shui. Her mouth was puckered tight but she didn’t speak.

Why was Brother asking her to apologize? These bad guys scolded Little Bun. She didn’t like them so she wasn’t going to apologize.

But if she didn’t apologize her brother wouldn’t like her anymore. Her brother treated her well, just like the brothers of the girls who lived under the mountain. He spoiled her and bought her delicious food. She didn’t want to lose her brother, but she didn’t want to apologize either.

Feng Wu was at a loss. She didn’t have experience with these kinds of problems. She didn’t know what to do so she switched to her default mode, which was to look down and not speak.

“Xiao Wu?” Tian called out to her several times but couldn’t get her to react. Was she unwilling to apologize because she was angry again?

“Xiao Wu, you should apologize. You shouldn’t have hit Shui that day. Everything will be better once you apologize OK?” Feng Ting walked over and tried to hold Feng Wu’s hand, but Feng Wu hid her hand behind her back, not letting Feng Ting touch her.

“Xiao Wu!” Feng Ting cried out, her feelings hurt. Pity Feng Wu lowered her head even more and didn’t acknowledge Feng Ting at all. All she could see was the top of Feng Wu’s head.

“Xiao Wu! You’re bullying Ting Ting again! You’re always like this! Is it because you're jealous Ting Ting is better than you!? You’re so narrowminded!” Shui glared angrily at Feng Wu. She was being mean on purpose by not accepting Feng Ting’s kindness.


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Thank you for updating! : Lol seems so. This is quite interesting though. Wonder of Femg Wu will apologize or maybe the quest who will come will defend Femg Wu? xd That would be interesting.

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209: The Silver Moon Prince

209: The Silver Moon Prince

[Host: justreads.net]
[February 20, 2021]

Lu Zhong and Ning Fei naturally looked at Feng Wu with the same unhappy eyes. Feng Wu was just not nice!

“The only reason you can bully people is because you’re a daughter of Feng house. You don’t know how to repent. No wonder the captain doesn’t like you. It’d be weird if anyone likes you.”

“Hurry up and apologize to Shui. And to Feng Ting too!” Lu Zhong shouted.

The whole thing was giving Tian a headache. He wasn't sure how, but things were getting more and more troublesome. They were overreacting.

He knew Xiao Wu never liked Feng Ting so he wasn’t going to force his younger sister to get along with Feng Ting. Anyways it wasn’t unusual for main daughters to not get along with concubine daughters.

He was upset Lu Zhong demanded an apology from Feng Wu for Feng Ting. Feng Ting and Xiao Wu were from his house. Even if Xiao Wu did something wrong, it was up to their house to reprimand her. Lu Zhong and the others were out of line.

Bai cut in. “Lu Zhong, the affairs of Feng house are managed by Feng members. Plus Tian is right here.”

Lu Zhong realized his mistake. He closed his mouth and stop yelling at Feng Wu to apologize.

Ning Fei was about to stop Lu Zhong but the captain beat him to it.

Both of them were sons of big families, so even if they weren’t as politically minded as Tian and Bai, they were no fools.

But sometimes mistakes were made and reminders needed to be voiced.

It was just that Shui was a spoiled princess in her house. She never understood the concept of overstepping one's bounds. She only knew that her friend was being bullied by a crippled cultivator, so how could she not demand an apology on her friend’s behalf?

“We’re giving you a chance to apologize, but you still refuse? Don’t pretend to be stupid. Today, there’s no way you’re getting off until you apologize to be me and Ting Ting!” Both her brother and her friends were there. She wasn’t afraid.

Feng Wu didn’t raise her head. Her image was still that of a frozen piece of wood.

Bai frowned as he watched his sister carelessly act out. He began to wonder at the repercussions of everyone in the family spoiling her so much.

Dare tell a main daughter to apologize to a concubine daughter? If she was bullying a small no name family, it would be one thing. After all the strength of the Qui house was undeniable. Even if the other party resented it, they would follow the order and wouldn’t dare retaliate.

But the person she was bullying was a Feng member. Feng house was just as powerful as the Qui house. Only a brainless idiot would dare. Unfortunately the brainless idiot was his little sister.

In a loud whisper he said, “Enough Shui!” then he looked at Feng Wu and said, “Feng Wu, as long as you apologize to my sister for hitting her, we can put this entire thing behind us. No one will pursue the matter further.”

“Brother!” Shui didn’t think he would do that. How could Feng Wu get off with such an easy thing? No. She wouldn’t be satisfied unless she slapped Feng Wu a few times.

“I said that’s enough.” Bai gave his sister a hard look. The warning was clear in his eyes.

Shui knew her brother’s temper very well. He would put up with her temper tantrums, but she had to be careful not to cross the line and make him mad. When he got angry, he didn’t care and didn’t give anyone face.

Shui closed her mouth, not daring to aggravate her brother further.

“I won’t apologize.” Feng Wu finally spoke up in an aggrieved voice. She slowly raised her head. Her voice had been soft but there was an undeniable stubborn streak in it.

“Xiao Wu, don’t be stubborn. As long as you apologize this thing will be all over. Since Bai promised not to pursue the matter, no one will pursue it after this.” Tian stared at Xiao Wu closely, trying to decipher her expression. He didn’t want Xiao Wu to get caught up in the drama.

“She’s a bad person. She scolded Xiao Ye.[ID] I won’t apologize to a bad person.” Feng Wu turned her head and stopped looking at her brother. Feng Wu wanted a brother, but she would give him up if he insisted on siding with the bad people.

Tian was about to try again when a commotion broke out. There were many people clustered around the gate staring at something. They oohed in excitement, as though they were seeing something extraordinary.

“Oh my goodness! Is that the Silver Moon prince? He’s divine! I’ve never seen anyone so good looking.”

“He’s way more handsome than Qui Ruo Bai and Feng Jun Tian. Really worthy of being called the prince of Silver Moon. As beautiful as the moon…”

“I wish I could talk to him…”

“Dream on. Have you not seen all the princesses here? Besides even if the princesses weren’t here, there’s still Qui Ruo Bing and Lan Lanzhou. We don’t have a chance.”

“Have you heard? The third princess has taken a fancy to the prince and intends to marry into the Silver Moon kingdom.”

“Really? The third princess has good foresight. I’ve never heard of any man catching her eye. Now we’re finally looking at one.”

“What’s so strange about it? The prince is so good looking and he has a noble background. It’s only natural so many girls would be attracted to him. The question is, who would dare fight the princess for him?"

The gossip easily floated to Feng Wu and the others. They finally realized the VIP guest had finally arrived.

Some people couldn’t see over the crowd so they couldn’t tell if the prince was as beautiful as the girls said.

Tian decided it wasn’t the right time to talk about the apology anymore.

The Silver Moon prince’s visit was a big deal, especially because the prince was likely to be the kingdom’s next emperor. Any personal squabbles could be addressed later.

“Ting Ting, let’s go look. I’m really curious what he looks like.” Shui forgot all about the apology, distracted as she was by the prince.

She didn’t have any special designs on him, she was just genuinely curious what he looked like. Was he really that handsome? Rumor had it that the people of Silver Moon kingdom had the moon’s protection, all the citizens were beautiful. Was it true?

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210: Surprise

210: Surprise

[Host: justreads.net]
[February 21, 2021]

Shui had originally wanted to go to the third floor and ask Princess Rong Hua, but her sister was worried about her upsetting the princess so she wasn’t allowed to go up.

She didn’t understand what was going on with her sister today. In years past she was allowed to go up and play. The queen and the princesses all liked her, so why wasn’t she allowed to this year?

Shui had a bad temper and didn’t understand subtle nuances. She wasn’t smart and didn’t understand her sister’s motivation.

Bing didn’t want Shui to go up and start asking questions because she didn’t want the princess to start doubting her.

Lanzhou was fine because she was set to be an imperial concubine, she just hadn’t decided which imperial household she would marry into yet.

Princess Rong Hua was interested in marrying into the Silver Moon kingdom by marrying the prince. If Shui were to go and ask now, then the princess might suspect the sisters were interested in him as well.

To the public Princess Rong Hua was graceful and generous, but in reality she was petty and suspicious. Bing spent a lot of effort to get into the princess’s inner circle of friends. She knew when to lay low to prevent the princess from being suspicious of her.

Unfortunately Bing didn’t dare tell Shui these things.

“OK. Xiao Wu, want to come with us?” Feng Ting asked.

Feng Wu turned her head away and ignored Feng Ting, leaving Feng Ting to laugh awkwardly.

“Huh! Don’t know good when she sees it. Ting Ting let’s go. Don’t bother with her.” Shui grimaced at Feng Wu and pulled Feng Ting towards the crowd.

Tian smiled helplessly at the scene. Xiao Wu was obedient but she was still as stubborn as ever. As long as she thought she was doing the right thing, no one would be able to move her.

Feng Wu was unhappy because everyone, even her beloved brother, wanted her to apologize to the bad guys. She felt deeply wronged.

Master told her she didn’t have to listen to other people speak badly about her. She could hit them if they wouldn’t stop. She listened to Master’s words. The bad people said mean things about Little Bun so she hit them. But her brother said she was wrong and he asked her to apologize to the bad people. But they were bad people so she wasn’t going to!

Feng Wu missed Master so much. She was caught up feeling down and didn’t notice the crowd was moving towards her. Silver Moon’s prince was moving in her direction and the crowd was following him.

Feng Wu looked up and incidentally saw the prince through the crowd. Her eyes lit up.

She rushed out like a cannonball, pushing through all the nobles ladies who were in her way. Before anyone could react, she had already rushed into the prince’s arms.


“What?! Who was that?!”

“Too shameless! How can our ancient eastern kingdom have such a loose girl?!”

“Wait and see. His Highness is definitely going to push her away!”

Someone recognized the figure. “Isn’t that Feng Wu?”

“No! Isn’t she secretly in love with Bai of the Qui house? How can she embrace another guy?”

“Why?! She’s shameless that’s why!”

“Ridiculous! How can we have such a shameless woman in our country?! What will the prince think of us? She’s bringing shame to all ancient eastern girls!”

Princess Rong Hua kept a serene smile on her face but her hands were fisted inside her sleeves. She never expected someone would be so bold. All the noble ladies knew she had her eyes on the prince and intended to unite the country with the Silver Moon kingdom through marriage. Now this audacious girl dared seduce the prince right in front of her! Clearly the girl didn’t want to live. She would pay dearly once the prince left.

These vicious thoughts passed through the princess’s mind as she waited for the prince to push the shameless hussy away.

The prince did push her away as everyone expected.

Feng Wu was no longer pressed against his body but her arms were still tenaciously gripping his waist. Her eyes were red like she was about to cry.

“Shit!” Tian muttered. He regretted not holding on to Feng Wu. Now… shit shit! How was he going to save her? It was his fault for pushing her too hard!

Bai frowned. What Feng Wu just did, it would create a lot of trouble for Feng house.

Bing watched the scene coldly from behind Princess Rong Hua. What was going on?! The drugs shouldn’t have kicked in already! Although she wanted to avenge her sister, she would never have chosen the current time. The dosage required at least half an hour to take effect. Bing didn’t understand!

Yi Lin walked away from the bamboo house alone. She didn’t want anyone to suspect her. She never expected Shui would be so ruthless! What kind of drug did she use? Would Feng house be implicated?!

Even if her ambitions were thwarted, she would never have stooped to harming Feng house. She wasn’t stupid. She knew Feng house was her strongest backer. As long as there was a Feng house, it wouldn’t matter who she married, her future husband’s family wouldn’t dare treat her coldly.

She knew Shui had something planned, but she hadn’t said anything because she wanted to please Shui. She even promised to help.

But now it wasn’t just about humiliating Feng Wu, it was about the entire Feng house. There wouldn’t be any direct punishment but all the Feng girls would suffer a blow to their reputations!

It wasn’t just Feng Wu in Feng house, she was involved as well! She was the one who invited Feng Wu!

Yi Lin’s intestines were knotting up in regret. She wasn’t the only one, Feng Ting was regretful too! She never expected Shui would use such a heinous trick to target Feng Wu.

She would have stopped it if she’d known. If Yi Lin could think of it, of course she would realize it too. She hated the current situation.

Why didn’t they pick a different time to give the drug to Feng Wu? Doing it during the Silver Moon prince’s visit, this not only harmed Feng Wu, it also harmed her! It would ruin her chances for a good marriage! It would impact the rest of her life!

God how she hated Shui! If that girl thought of her at all, she wouldn’t have pulled such a dirty trick!

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211: Why Her?

211: Why Her?

[Host: justreads.net]
[February 22, 2021]

The thought of how Feng Wu’s reputation would affect her future outcome made her eyes red. Feng Ting’s legs nearly gave out from under her.

Little did she know, Shui was even more surprised than she was. How did the drug take affect so fast? She hadn’t intended for Feng Wu to make a fool of herself with the Silver Moon prince! It wasn’t just Feng Wu, this would affect the entire Feng house!

Shui’s face was as pale as a ghost. She couldn’t even imagine the fallout if anyone knew that the whole thing was her and Bing’s idea. She was afraid her house would also suffer along with Feng house if the royal family every found it.

After all what was the most important thing for a house? Well reputation of course! Grandfather would ounish her severely if he found out she had anything to do with it.

Shui trembled in fear just thinking about it. She didn’t know what kind of punishment she would get. Little did she know the man[notes] next to her wanted to strangle her.

Everyone was suitably shocked, but the Silver Moon prince was about to shock them even more. The look on Feng Wu’s face had surprised him. He leaned back and mussed her hair.

“Xiao Wu, what’s wrong?”

“Senior Ming Xi.” Feng Wu uttered his name before burying her face back into his chest, refusing to say more.

Ming Xi had gone home after returning from taking the second-years to train.[notes] While he was home, his father received a call from the ancient eastern countries asking for help. As a result Ming Xi went to the ancient eastern countries ostensibly as a visitor.

He never expected to see Feng Wu. Certainly never under such conditions.

From Ming Xi’s understanding of Feng Wu he could tell she’d been wronged. Her eyes were red and face wasn't right. She didn’t look good.

She appeared stoic and expressionless, but she was actually a sensitive girl and especially susceptible to certain hurts.

“Hey, don’t be sad. Can you tell me what’s wrong? Maybe I can help.” Ming Xi held her in his arms, trying to comfort her as best he could.

Ming Xi was still holding Feng Wu so had to turn his head to speak to the queen and the princess. “Your Royal Highness, Princess, please excuse me. I’ll be leaving first. There is something I must discuss with my friend.”

No one expected this! This… this… it meant Prince Ming Xi knew Feng Wu, a person with broken cultivation! How was this possible?!

Why her?! What qualifications did this broken cultivator have to know Silver Moon’s future emperor?! Many of the smaller houses were unaware of Feng Wu’s motherhood status, but the bigger houses all knew. This was because the bigger houses hadn’t spread the news, so the smaller houses didn’t know.

Therefore most only knew that Feng Wu was a failed cultivator, but they didn’t know she was a mother.

Those in the know were so shocked their mouths nearly dropped to the floor. How was this possible? They had to be seeing wrong. Feng Wu knew the prince of Silver Moon? This was even crazier than news of her being welcomed back into Feng house.

“Prince Ming Xi has something to talk about, of course. But please remember to not stray too far. Your safety is of the utmost importance.” The queen was the queen. Even if her heart was raging madly she still behaved accordingly, with dignity and graciousness. She didn’t show the slightest bit of displeasure at Ming Xi’s departure.

Ming Xi nodded. He took Feng Wu’s hand and left, but because of the queen’s reminder, he didn’t go too far.

Princess Rong Hua watched jealously as they left. How?! How could such a notorious woman snatch her future husband from her?! He’d been indifferent towards her, but just now he had been so gentle with Feng Wu!

Lanzhou and Bing were standing next to the princess. They exchanged glances but stayed silent.

The queen patted Princess Rong Hua’s hand and acted as though nothing had happened. As in previous years, she had the ladies write their notes to be put in the lanterns before setting it afloat down the river.

Her mother’s gentle reminder brought Princess Rong Hua back to her senses. She was an imperial royal princess; how could she give a show for others to enjoy. The thought buoyed her spirits and she returned to behaving like a princess, poised, graceful, and charming. She didn’t comment on Ming Xi leaving with Feng Wu.

Of the four remaining princesses, only the eldest princess was Princess Rong Hua’s full-blooded sister. The other three were secretly happy while they watched the drama.

Ming Xi was such a good catch, naturally Princess Rong Hua wouldn’t be the only one who fancied him. However she relied on being the queen’s daughter and suppressed the other three princesses. She’d been watching them like a hawk and didn’t allow them to get close to Ming Xi.

None of them dared say anything about her suppressing them. She had a strong mother and was also the king’s favorite. Whether it be status or affection, they couldn’t beat her. The three princesses had no choice but to shut up and give up.

Unexpectedly they didn’t have to make a move; someone else made it. And that someone even succeeded! It didn’t matter who the person was, they were happy as as long as that person defeated Princess Rong Hua.

Ming Xi and Feng Wu didn’t know anything about all that. They had found an out of the way corner where Feng Wu was telling him what happened. Her face was downcast as she told him how strong the bad guys were. They were so powerful; they even got her older brother to tell her to apologize.

Her pitiful eyes tugged at Ming Xi’s heart. “It’s OK. Don’t apologize if you don’t want to. It’s not your fault.”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up at his words and her spirits soared. He was just like Master! Master wouldn’t have told her apologize either!

“Yes. Master said I should fight back if anyone bullied me. I should hit them back until they’re afraid to bully me again.” Feng Wu had a wobbly, slightly crooked, slightly hopeful smile after she spoke.

This made Ming Xi even more unhappy with Tian. This brother of hers… The one in the Qui family knew to protect his sister, but this guy tried to shame Feng Wu by making her apologize. What a failure as an older brother.


Shui trembled in fear just thinking about it. She didn’t know what kind of punishment she would get. Little did she know the man next to her wanted to strangle her Who is this 'man next to her'?

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I didn't want to write his name in without checking the later chapters first.

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212: Brother was Wrong

212: Brother was Wrong

[Host: justreads.net]
[February 26, 2021]

“Your master is right. If someone bullies, you don’t have to be polite. If you can’t beat them, then find your seniors to help. Elena or Jier will be happy to help you.” Ming Xi reached over to pat her head.

“OK!” Feng Wu nodded her head happily.

They didn’t talk privately for too long since they were in a public space so they got up and rejoined the crowd again.

“Xiao Wu!” Tian called out to his sister and ran over to her as soon as he saw her reappear.

Feng Wu didn’t reply, she just kept her head down. Normally she would have rushed into his arms and rubbed her cheeks against him like a little baby.

He knew she was angry, but didn’t she understand he was trying to do what was best for her? Didn’t she know Shui was vindictive and would keep harassing her if she didn’t apologize? That girl would definitely plan something in the shadows.

“Xiao Wu, I know you’re angry, but I’m doing this to protect you.” Tian felt helpless. He was trying to help but she didn’t appreciate it.

Because of Feng Wu’s earlier “throw her arms and hug” display a lot of people were interested in her, so now she was the center of attention. They kept their ears perked to listen in. But how come no matter how hard they strained they couldn’t hear a thing?

You even put up a sound barrier? Come on! How are we to satisfy our curiosity? The people complained in their hearts.

“Perhaps you are considering what’s best for Xiao Wu, but your kind of consideration isn’t what she needs.” Ming Xi said softly.

Ming Xi said this with a soft angelic smile on his face, but Tian could feel the other party was not happy with him.

“Look at this. Afterwards tell me if you still feel Xiao Wu should apologize.” Ming Xi handed a stone object to Tian.

Tian reached for it then wove his consciousness into it. It was an imprint stone with the recording that Rain took when they were all in the virtual world together. She couldn’t use it so she had given it to Feng Wu. She had told Feng Wu to use her qi to transfer the recording onto another stone in the outside world.[notes]

Feng Wu obediently did exactly as Rain instructed. Then she left it in her storage ring and forgot about it until Ming Xi asked her about it while they were talking earlier.

After Ming Xi saw the recording he felt the two slaps were too light. That girl deserved a tougher beating.

Tian’s face turned green as he watched the recording. He thought they had traded the usual insults along the lines of Shui telling Xiao Wu had a crippled cultivation and probably some things about Bai not liking her. He assumed Xiao Wu lost control like she normally did and lashed out physically. He hadn’t realized the extent of what Jin Li meant when he said “a lot of ugly words.” His imagination was no where as inflamatory as the recording in the stone.

He would never have asked Xiao Wu to apologize if he’d seen this earlier. He would have demanded Shui apologize. Just because he didn’t want Bai to go after Xiao Wu didn’t mean he was afraid of him. Now that he knew the truth, even if Bai wanted to reprimand Xiao Wu, he wasn’t going to let it happen.

They had been good brothers for a long time. If it weren’t for the sake of getting justice for his sister, he wouldn’t confront Bai. It was too bad things reached this point. Even if it affected their brotherhood, he wasn’t going to let Feng Wu apologize to Shui.

“Xiao Wu, I was wrong. I won’t ask you to apologize to Shui anymore. You’re right. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Tian gently said as he rubbed her head.

“Mm. Brother is good.” Feng Wu threw herself into her brother’s arms like usual. As long as her brother didn’t ask her to apologize, then he was a good brother.

Bai, Shui and the others had a bunch of questions for Tian, but sadly they couldn’t ask a single one because Tian was with the Feng Wu and Feng Wu was with the prince.

Feng Wu was very happy that night. She had her brother on one side and Ming Xi on the other. They accompanied her to the water and watched as she set her lantern in the river with her wish note attached.

Ming Xi went back and spoke a few words with the queen and the princess. He stayed with Feng Wu for the rest of the festival that night. He couldn’t help but smile at her contagious good mood.

Would he have been so relaxed if he knew Feng Wu’s wish was to marry him? ...


Feng Wu’s peaceful family life was interrupted several days after the festival.

The Qui family learned about Shui being attacked after the festival. How could Madam Qui let it slide? She brought her son and daughter to seek justice.

Bai knew how short-tempered his mother was, so he had originally wanted to keep her from knowing. He wanted to find another opportunity to go to Feng house and ask Feng Wu to apologize so they could put the whole thing behind them, but Bing “accidentally” let it slip. So now here they were in Feng house…the situation out of control.

Ning Fei and Jin Li also came along as witnesses. Madam Qui didn’t want it to be said she was causing trouble without reason.

Madam Qui and Madam Lan had never gotten along. Madam Qui was quick to anger and just as quick to fight, whereas Madam Lan was tender and loved to cry. Their temperaments mixed like hot oil and water.

Go ahead Kekee. Then go back and reread the chapter again. It's a new thing I'm working on for future translations for name conventions. A traditional one and a simplified one. To return to the original you have to refresh the page. Still trying to understand how to toggle it on and off like the light/dark mode setting. It does conflit a bit with the code I have for notes....
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213: You’re Making Me Laugh

213: You’re Making Me Laugh

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[February 27, 2021]

But it wasn’t just their temperaments, there was a deeper reason they didn’t get along. That reason was Feng Hang.[notes]

Back in the when, Grandfather Feng’s top choice for Hang’s wife was the current Madam Qui.[notes] The Qui house also liked her and wanted her as a daughter-in-law. Madam Qui’s family knew so they were waiting for the proposal before declaring their preference for Feng House.

Madam Qui was a fierce and arrogant woman. She liked her men to not only be handsome, but masculine as well. Hang was a bronze god with a taciturn expression like an iceberg.

The Qui son was a fair skinned pretty man. This kind of man was certainly attractive to many ladies, unfortunately Madam Qui was not one of them. Her choice of husband would naturally be Feng Hang.

But things didn’t turn out the way she wanted them to. Feng Hang ended up falling in love with Madam Lan. It was doubly worse because she had always disliked the woman.

Madam Lan was a beautiful and honest woman and she had had countless suitors. Her manners were so loveable people couldn’t help but like her.

Such an honest and emotive woman would never mix well with the hot-tempered Madam Qui. In her eyes, Madam Lan had always been a spineless embarrassment of a woman.

She never imagined the woman she looked down on would get her position.

Feng house joined with Lan house and Qui house proceeded with their proposal. Madam Qui’s family accepted of course. It would have been strange if they didn’t. Even if it wasn’t their first choice, the Qiu house was still an impressive thousand-year-old name.

So in the end Madam Lan married into Feng house and Madam Qui married into Qui house. The two women lived their lives without intersecting for the most part.

Madam Qui lived happily with her husband. The pretty face she thought was girly was actually very manly. She eventually fell in love with him and the two lived a happy life together.

She always thought her life was better than Madam Lan’s. After all her husband didn’t take any concubines, but Feng house had a concubine. The oldest was even concubine-born. Ha!

Madam Qui’s children were all geniuses and beauties of the country. Her son was a recognized genius and her eldest daughter was a renowned beauty with countless suitors.

Madam Lan’s daughter, on the hand, was a broken cultivator. On top of that her character, manners, and heart were all bad. She was constantly getting in trouble and even had a child out of wedlock! Feng house lost a lot of face because of her.

All these things gave Madam Qui a sense superiority over Madam Lan.

But when she found out that her precious daughter was beaten by Feng Wu, a broken cultivator, she was furious. How could she not want justice for her daughter?!

She didn’t care the reasons why; she only knew her daughter had been beaten by a cripple cultivator. Madam Qui aggressively entered Feng house with her entourage; her demeanor overwhelmingly aggressive.

As soon as she entered, she demanded for Feng Wu.

Bai was frowning next to her. His thoughts were rebellious. Was his mother sure about this? Grandfather Qui and Grandfather Feng were good friends with each other. Running over to Feng house and making such a ruckus. Are you sure Grandfather Qui won’t be pissed when he finds out?

Shui wasn’t thinking as deeply as her brother. She was only thinking how great it would be when Feng Wu knelt in front of her and apologized.

Bing stared straight ahead with cold eyes. Her whole person was as cold as her name.[notes]

Ning Fei and Lu Zhong wished they could disappear into the wall. They didn’t want to be at the vice-captain’s house making a fuss. Auntie, can’t we solve this matter in a more civilized manner?! Can you not drag others down with you? Have a thought for the insignificant people here!

Jin Li, who never liked drama, really wanted to leave. Unfortunately there was no way out.

“Madam Qui, what’s the reason for the sudden visit?” As head of Feng house, Father Feng had brought his son to the main hall to greet their guests as soon as he got word of Madam Qui’s arrival. He didn’t expect Madam Qui to have such an aggressive and imposing attitude. It was obvious at a glance she was here to cause trouble.

Tian used his eyes to ask Bai what was going on.

Bai gave a meaningful glance at his sister before shrugging very slightly.

Tian immediately understood his friend’s gesture.

The translation was, my mother found out about my sister being beaten and came here because of it. I didn’t want all this, but my mother refused to listen! So now here we are.

Tian knew his friend preferred to resolve issues by himself without involving his family. Madam Qui's presence today was definitely not Bai’s idea.

“For an important matter of course! Your daughter assaulted my daughter! Twice! How do you want to resolve this matter?!”

Xiao Wu hit Qui Shui? Did he hear right? No can’t be true.

Feng Hang’s first reaction was disbelief. As her father, he knew perfectly well his own daughter’s ability. Xiao Wu didn’t have the ability to beat Qui Shui. Never mind beat, Xiao Wu even touching Qui Shui would have been unbelievable.

Instead of staying at home and staying out of trouble you come to my house and start talking nonsense? Listen if my daughter had that kind of strength, I’d be walking on cloud nine here.

Though Father Feng had a lot of thoughts on the matter the only thing he said out loud was, “Are you sure it was Xiao Wu and not someone pretending to be Xiao Wu?”

From his words it was clear he didn’t believe it. Honestly Madam Qui had a hard time believing it as well. What kind of strength did Shui have? What kind of strength did Feng Wu have? It would have been more believable if it was Shui beating Feng Wu.

If it hadn’t been for Bing’s repeated assurances and witness testimonial from the boys, she wouldn’t have come all the way to Feng house.


--- Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. the slapping isn't getting done soon. hopefully it gets done fast, Feng Wu adventuring is more fun.

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Yeah, Feng Wu needs to have all this resolved where the family and country finds out about her skills with the sword and what the vice headmaster (?) of the academy announced about Feng Wu and her baby. About how she was tricked to eat the pregnancy fruit. Anyway, Brother Feng is there, and he has seen the recording crystal thing, so he knows what's going on.

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It is kinda funny how they don't find it even more humiliating to push for revenge against someone that is supposed to be a cripple by their standards.

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Just show them the recordinc already

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