451, 452
Return to Zhongyang ; Eat Cake

451, 452

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451: Return to Zhongyang

Alante’s voice was hoarse and her face was heavily lined, so her crazy laugh made her seem even more creepy. Her love had left her and she wondered if she regretted the manner she had received it. In any case, she was not reconciled. But it didn’t matter if she regretted it or not, she couldn’t say anything about it anyway.

Nigusu, the only man she had ever loved, looked at her with cold, indifferent eyes. Whatever she was searching for from him, she didn’t find it. She took one final gaze at him before closing her eyes forever.

In the distance, a woman in a gorgeous blue gown angrily broke the globe in her hand causing the picture it displayed to instantly disappear without a trace.

“What a mistake! Useless thing! She couldn’t even do such a simple task.”

“I told you not to pick her. I said earlier that that woman wouldn’t be able to do it, but you didn’t listen.” A noble bearing and handsome man stared at the chess piece in his hand as he spoke.

“Oh that’s enough, giving me advice after hindsight. Our plan to infiltrate Rain city failed and now Star Marshall hall has even taken notice. We can’t stay here anymore.” The woman glared at the man.

He nodded. “It’s time to go.” Both figures turned into bats and flew off into the night, disappearing without a trace.

Feng Wu sensed something so she glanced out into the distance but she didn’t see anything. Was it just an illusion?

Count Nigusu was successfully rescued. Though specifically it was Scarlet who rescued him, the guys on the Masters team contributed a lot and had successfully dealt with Alante, so the old lady was satisfied.

Feng Wu and the other guys on the Masters team split the bonus money happily amongst themselves and left the city. They had no interest in staying.

Scarlet tagged along with them. Unlike the Masters team, she had not completed her mission. She failed to find any trace of the mastermind behind the gu worms so she was distracted trying to think of possible candidates. She was silent throughout the trip back.

Rain and Wind exchanged excited glances. They were both very excited about Scarlet. Eventually Rain took the opportunity to go up and chat with her.

“Scarlet, can you tell me how you rescued Count Nigusu? His qi was so depleted, I didn’t think he would live for more than three days. I never expected you to be able to save him. How did you do it?”

Rain was really curious about it. She clearly saw the count had lost nearly all his qi vitality and wouldn’t have much longer to live, so that was why she had originally agreed to leave the count with her.

Who knew Scarlet would be successful? She learned later that Scarlet was one of the four holy envoys, but still, it was an amazing feat.

“Oh, all I did was inject spring’s vitality into his body. Then I used the divine weapon to kill the male worm. That was all.” Thinking about it, Scarlet didn’t think she’d done much.

She was the successor to the Seal of Spring and her weapon was the Hundred Flower Staff so she had access to Spring’s vitality. It was fortunate for Nigusu. His ailment was easy for Scarlet to fix, but had it been any other envoy, the skills would not have been a good match and he would have probably died.

It turned out Scarlet had used the Spring’s vitality to save the count. She really deserved to be the successor to the seal. Truly amazing! thought Rain.

The siblings continued chatting with Scarlet some more after marveling at her amazing feat.

Wind, Rain, Pei Qing, and Feng Wu returned to Zhongyang while Scarlet continued on toward a nearby city to investigate further and try to find a clue.

Back in Zhongyang, the four guys went to the Adventurer’s guild to report the completion of their task. Once done, Wind, Rain, and Pei Qing went to the house they were renting to catch up on the sleep they lost while working hard at the count’s castle. They had been up from dawn to after dark so it was time to catch up on some sleep!

Feng Wu decided to fill her belly. She hadn’t had a single good meal while in Rain city. She had to get up early every day to work and ate all the same foods the other servants ate. The free meal at Xingguang Holy academy was better than the food at the castle for the servants.

Feng Wu needed to console herself with a good meal at a delicious shop so she headed towards the streets.

Ming Xi frowned as he watched the figure of the women walking past him. It was Yifu and Ann[notes] He didn’t know what was going on with them, but they had been pestering him every day and it was getting tiresome.

He couldn’t go to the normal places he liked to go to on the weekends because they always showed up. He had even stopped going to the school cafeteria just to avoid running into them. Most days now he just stayed in his dorm.

He wanted to rest a bit and prepare for the individual portion of the extreme challenge, but time alone was turning into a luxury.

Today, he wanted to go out and purchase some blank magic scrolls. He thought he could avoid them, but it seemed he failed. If it weren’t for his quick reaction, they would have spotted him.

He was used to boys and girls pursuing him equally, but this kind of stalking was super annoying. He stepped out of his hiding spot and switched streets. Fortunately there was a shop that sold scrolls here as well. He wouldn’t need to backtrack onto the original street which the girls were stalking him on.

It was a busy street, so it was inevitable he would get stares from the passersby. He was used to it so he wasn’t bothered.

Soon enough he came upon a pastry shop. The shop had delicious pastries that he knew Elena liked a lot. He was known to eat a few on occasion as well. Today was strange though. The shop did good business, but the crowd in front of it today was unusually large. Was something wrong?

It was a fleeting thought and Ming Xi had no intentions on interfering. It was Zhongyang and Star Marshall’s headquarters. No one would dare make trouble here.

Ming Xi was about to turn around and leave when an all too familiar petite figure caught his eye.

He walked through the crowd and finally saw a banner that proclaimed the shop was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Below it were instructions for an eating contest.

Eat 70 cakes in an hour and the cakes will be free PLUS get free cakes for a year PLUS receive a bonus free gift.

452: Eat Cake

There was an additional line that said if everyone forfeited then the one who stays to the end will be declared the winner as long as that person eats one more cake than the runner up.

After reading the text, Ming Xi understood why he saw Feng Wu.

Yep, the person he saw had been Feng Wu. She was sitting at a long table in front of the shop entrance along with another contestant.

“Come on! Come on! You can’t lose to a girl!”

“Brother! You have to fight for our male reputation!”

“All our manly hopes are pinned on you!”

“We are totally gonna beat you up if you lose! So, don’t lose!”

“Come on little girl we’ve got our hopes on you!”

“Little girl, you can out eat that guy!”

The man sitting next to Feng Wu mentally complained. How can they pin all their manly hopes on him? Have him not lose? Horseshit! If they had the ability, then they could come up and eat! He was crammed to the limit; even his back hurt!

He rubbed his belly which was looking four months pregnant at this point. The girl next to him didn’t have a reaction at all. Her belly was totally flat! Did this girl have a dimensional space in her tummy or something?!

He was sweating profusely from trying to eat so much. His face was pale and he wanted to vomit.

The girl next to him was completely calm after all she ate. She didn’t have a single drop of sweat on her skin. And talking about her skin, her face was still nice and prettily flushed. Why was her complexion so good?!

“Urgh!” The guy couldn’t hold it in anymore and rushed to the side to vomit.

“OK! We have a winner! This cute girl is our winner!” The shop boss pointed excitedly at Feng Wu as he announced.

That was the cue to stop, but Feng Wu kept eating at the same pace. The fact that she kept going was greatly distressing to the boss. The contestants who didn’t win would get 30% off their total bill, while the winner would not have to pay anything. Feng Wu had already won, having eaten more than 70 cakes, but she kept going.

This was too much for the boss and he really regretted doing the contest. He didn’t expect anyone to actually eat 70 cakes, after all their cakes were very filling. Even if a very hungry swordsman came in to eat cakes after an intensive bout of practice, they would, at most, eat 50 before being stuffed. That was why he chose 70 cakes, and although he said 70, he didn’t think anyone would actually be able to eat that much. Which was why he would call whoever ate one more than the other contestants the winner.

Unexpectedly a little monster named Feng Wu came to his store. She didn’t just win, she really ate 70 cakes.

It was over. It was over. If she really came to eat 70 cakes every day, their shop would go bankrupt.

“Xiao Wu!” Ming Xi couldn’t watch anymore so he called out. If she kept eating like that, what would happen to her stomach?

Feng Wu looked up to see Ming Xi. Immediately her eyes lit up. The boss’s eyes also lit up even more brightly.

“Young man, you know this girl?!” The boss was excited.

“Yes.” The corner of Ming Xi’s mouth twitched invisibly.

“That’s great! That’s great! Come on over! Your girlfriend just won the cake eating contest! She can come and eat cake anytime she wants for a year. Here is a free coupon and gift. Come on over and hug your girlfriend!” The boss couldn’t wait to hand the items over.

He immediately reached for Feng Wu’s hand to pull her up. “Everyone, give this young lady a hand of applause!”

Thunderous applause sounded as the boss pulled her up and nudged her into Ming Xi’s arms.

“Wow! What a match. That cute girl and boy are such a natural pair!”

“It’s ridiculous how handsome that guy is!”

“I agree! I’ve never seen such a good-looking guy in my life!”

“That girl must be so happy to have such a wonderful boyfriend! Even if she stuffs herself, he’ll still like her!”

“What are you talking about! Isn’t it good to eat? What’s there to dislike?!”

Ming Xi pulled Feng Wu out of the crowd amidst the sound of people gossiping about them. He found she was furrowing her brow after they had walked for awhile.

“What’s the matter? Is this pace too fast? Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

Ming Xi was a little upset he’d forgotten how moving too much was hard after eating a large meal.

“Yes, my stomach is really full.” Feng Wu said a little aggrieved at her stomach.

“If you were full, why did you keep eating?” Ming Xi patted her head dotingly.

Feng Wu was confused. “I didn’t have to eat? I thought I had to eat all the cakes on the plate!” In order to get the free coupon, she kept eating even though she was full.

“Fool. Didn’t you hear the boss announcing you had won? You didn’t read the rules carefully.” Ming Xi gently knocked Feng Wu’s forehead.

Feng Wu blinked adorably. “I didn’t see it.” She’d only heard there was free cake and if she won, she could visit the shop and eat free cakes for a year.

“Let’s go; we’ll walk around to help you digest all that food.”

Ming Xi took Feng Wu’s hand and walked forward but this time his pace was much slower.

They walked around for half an hour. Ming Xi bought his scroll and Feng Wu's stomach stopped being so bloated. She felt much better so she took Ming Xi’s hand and led him to a small ice cream shop for some ice cream.

Zi Cheng was the one who introduced the world to ice cream. Later on other people also mastered the French way of making ice cream using custard, but these were not as delicious as the ones Zi Cheng made.

The owner of the shop Feng Wu went to was a guy who figured out how to make ice cream on his own.

“I want what they have.” Feng Wu pointed to a young couple who was in front of her.

“OK, taro ice cream it is then.” The boss accepted the money and handed Feng Wu a big taro ice cream. It was purple and had a lump of soft taro on top.

Feng Wu held the ice cream in one hand and took small nibbles while Ming Xi held her other hand as they continued walking behind the young couple.

The couple was also holding hands and looked really close.

Feng Wu looked at them sharing an ice cream. Did eating it that way make it tastier? She looked suspiciously at the ice cream they were holding, then she looked at the one in her hand.

“You have some too!” She suddenly turned to Ming Xi and commanded as she held the cone out to him.

Ming Xi wasn’t sure how to react to the already clearly bitten into ice cream being held out to him.

“Young man, eat quickly! Your girlfriend is taking the initiative!” said the man selling meat skewers.

“Don’t be shy young man!” said the old lady selling sweet juice.

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